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Buhari’s farming is bad propaganda

Dec 14

To President Muhammadu Buhari’s ardent followers, certain spectacles are heartwarming emblems of his simplicity, but, they are in fact, bad PR. The image of the president of Nigeria watching a 32-inch TV, for instance, should be nobody’s idea of austereness neither should it deserve the fuss it attracted. The same can be said of his farm pictures which have surfaced for the second time in two years. In 2015, the pictures of Buhari visiting his farm shortly after becoming president should have been an alarm. There was little about that farm that spelled...

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Is Fayose the Okorochas of South West?

Dec 07

Both governors Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state and Rochas Okorochas of Imo state have a lot in common, and one could as well be the other. Their burlesque leadership style is a constant and painful reminder that we are being led by wags who have given up on the cerebral part of governance. The two governors are also a reflection of their counterparts in other parts of Nigeria, at all levels of administration. However, thanks to the constant media focus on their antics, that pair is the loudest joke in the room. The sheer scale of the ludicrousness with which they...

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Nigerian men are afraid women will kill them

Nov 30

In the wake of the unfortunate death of Bilyamin Bello, son of former Chairman of the PDP, there has a somewhat surprising chatter about matricide. In an ironic twist of Margaret Atwood’s quote, men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them, Nigerian men are now the ones displaying the fear of spousal violence. While men as victims too should be taken seriously enough, we should also resist attempts by people who want to propagate a spurious idea of gender violence by assessing issues with a false scale. There is no statistical...

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Nigerian women are non-citizens

Nov 23

In the past few weeks a chain of events, seemingly disparate, took place both in Nigeria and/or about Nigerians. One was the news that the Nigerian Military was going to end the admission of female cadets into the combatant course of the Nigerian Defense Academy. The previous administration launched the initiative, but the present one is stopping it because -as the grapevine has it- some northern Muslims are uncomfortable with the possibility that a woman would one day lead the army and men would have to take orders from her. While the backstory cannot be...

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EFCC and the case of the “crazy” informant

Nov 16

You knew something had to be amiss when the EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu, was quoted as saying although the whistleblower who alerted them to the stash of money in the Ikoyi apartment is now a millionaire, they still watch him to make sure he makes good use of the money. In the report issued by the EFCC spokesperson and which Magu was quoted as speaking at a forum in Vienna, Austria, the point was not only clear enough; the quote was pretty uniform across the media that reported the case. One thus wonders, how is it the place of the EFCC to monitor what the man...

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Death and the Middle Passage to Hell

Nov 09

On Monday, Nigerians awakened to the shocking –yet not surprising news- that 26 young women were found dead on an Italian migrant ship smuggling people to Europe. This instance was not the first time such a disaster would occur. Documented and undocumented Nigerians have been one of the many victims of this 21st century Middle Passage; thousands have died on the Mediterranean Sea seeking a better life from the strife and limitations at home. Media account of their woes are replete with sad tales of jaded Africans patronizing human smugglers ill-equipped to...

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Osinbajo: The “outsider-insider” in Buhari’s government

Nov 02

Somebody should advise the Vice President, Professor Pastor Yemi Osinbajo, to please give up his ostentatious performance of moral propriety; his Mr. Goody Two-Shoes acts are irritating. Friday past at the Greater Nigeria Pastors Conference, Osinbajo, in a smugly virtuous umbrage, criticized the socio-cultural penchant for elevating “quota” system over merit in Nigeria. He argued that for Nigeria to be a better country, appointments should be based on individual suitability for the position, not ethnic identity. The delicious irony of his magisterial...

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Yorubas and her “external aggressors.”

Oct 26

By and large, I have enjoyed the conversation around the issue of the Oodua Peoples’ Congress’ leader, Otunba Gani Adams, becoming the new Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland. Like everything haphazardly joined-up, the debate has been worthwhile; those for and against his selection have been trenchant in their views. I also paid attention because the title holder will represent Yorubas and will, henceforth, claim to speak with the authority of a collective identity we all share. One side of the aisle has those who think Adams is undeserving of the prestigious...

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Redeemer’s non-University and the Nigerian youth

Oct 19

Most of us are familiar with the fable of the dog and the tortoise. During a severe famine in the animal kingdom, all animals were instructed to eat their parents. While the famine persisted, all the animals -except the dog who always appeared well-fed – suffered. Eventually, the tortoise managed to prod the truth out of him: unlike the others, he did not eat his mother. Instead, he hid her in heaven, and he regularly returned to her to be fed. While the other animals starved for both lack of food and perspicacity, the dog thrived because of his deference...

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2019: May Buhari not contest

Oct 12

My prayer for Nigeria is that President Muhammadu Buhari will not contest for another presidential in 2019. I hope when the time he comes, he will do the noblest thing: thank Nigerians for giving him a chance to serve, allow the transition process to run smoothly without his interference, and walk away with his head high. That will be the best thing for Nigeria, and one hopes he has enough of Mandela spirit in him to know when to walk away from the gambling table. Nigeria is doing poorly under his watch and we cannot continue this way until 2023. We cannot be...

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