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On the matter of the dog named “Buhari”

Aug 25

When Ogun state Police arrested Joe Chinakwe after his neighbor reported him for naming his dog “Alhaji Buhari”, and for walking the same dog in their “Hausa dominated neighborhood,” they did not try to mask why they took that line of action. According to media report, they charged him to court because his provocative act could cause a breach of peace, and that was because “an average Northerner would feel bad over such a thing.” Underlining their motive is the reality of our socio-political environment. When law enforcement admits to arresting a man...

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Bring back inter-school sports in Nigeria

Aug 18

The Olympics is not yet over and to speak of Nigeria’s participation in obituary terms might be demoralizing for the athletes still holding out hope of winning a medal. Yet, we must take that backward glance on the road that led Nigeria to her “medal-less” state and seek insights to map routes towards the future. If an individual like the legendary Michael Phelps can win more gold medals in his career than Nigeria in her entire existence, we can be certain there is no happenstance to success. Success in sports is a function of individual will and a...

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Relaunch of WAI: Buhari plays his last hand

Aug 11

President Muhammadu Buhari might be relaunching the War Against Indiscipline 31 years after the para-military brigade ended with his dictatorship because he is desperate to reignite the public support he is fast losing. Much of the myth about Buhari’s immense abilities to right whatever is wrong with Nigeria came from two narratives forcefully tattooed into our minds: his brutal anti-corruption fight, and the myth of WAI and how –before it was truncated-it almost resolved the perennial problem of public indiscipline. A year ago when he was sworn into office,...

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Film village: Nigeria should thank Kano puritans

Aug 04

The issue with Kano state’s rejection of the film village the Federal Government had proposed to build in the state is that it highlights the deficiency of the structure Nigeria runs. If Nigeria were not a bottle-feeding system that helps constituent states to survive regardless of their level of productivity, religious zealots in Kano would not turn down an opportunity for federal investment for spurious reasons such as the fear of a taint of their puritanistic values. Kano state, by the way, runs a queer system whereby they reject enterprises that risk...

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Lessons from Senator Remi Tinubu’s trials

Jul 21

Let me admit upfront that I do not care much about Senator Remi Tinubu’s encounter with the legislative aberration called Dino Melaye. No, not out of any schadenfreude but because the abuse she experienced is the daily reality of Nigerian women. There are studies that say up to 50 percent of Nigerian women are regularly abused in one form or the other. If one adjusted that figure for unreported cases, the picture will be more dismal. Many of these victims do not have the social and political capital that enables them to be heard like Tinubu. My indifference is...

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Ambode’s Lagos and a needless ban

Jul 07

Last summer I was in Berger area of Lagos when I suddenly heard what sounded like a war cry. Without warning, the roadside traders began to pack up their wares like they were fleeing the Angel of Death. Within nano-seconds of the agonized cry, men of the Lagos paramilitary taskforce, KAI jumped out of their Green Maria and with sadistic efficiency, descended on the traders’ goods and packed them into their vehicle. They “arrested” some of the traders, dragging them into their vehicle like they were just pieces of breathing flesh. The whole operation lasted...

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Why does Nigeria have more SANs than justice?

Jun 30

Forgive me if I am wrong but I have always imagined the Senior Advocate of Nigeria title to be a tag worn by members of an elite club within the legal profession to signify their distinction from the rest of their tribe? However, two disenchanting incidences made me question what I thought SAN stands for. First was in February when the media reported that at arraignment of Ricky Tarfa (SAN) over alleged corrupt practices, another SAN, Adeniyi Akintola, led a team of “over 90 Senior Advocates and other lawyers” to represent him. Second was when 13 SANs and 10...

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Hijab and the war against education

Jun 24

In the first quarter of 2016, West African Examination Council released a statistical breakdown by states of performance in the 2015 May/June examination. Osun, ingloriously hugged the bottom of the barrel. As bad as that is, SSCE results is not the only evidence of mis-education in that state. The Hijab debacle suggests that education, its acquisition and the virtue learning confers, might have been traded for the nostrum of “to hijab or not to hijab,” We have been treated to the debased sight of school children putting on what they characterize “Christian...

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The education kerfuffle in Oyo state

Jun 16

If there is hell in Oyo state today, it is perhaps because Governor Isiaka Ajimobi drove on the road of good intentions. He says he wants to reform public education and to this end, introduced an initiative that conjoins private partnership with the state’s efforts. The idea, perhaps expectedly, is being contested by the NLC, certain religious groups, and of course, secondary school students themselves who recently revolted against the idea of their school being subjected to capitalists’ vagaries. The initiative –and any- that seeks to revamp education in...

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Nigeria does not belong to Christians and Muslims

Jun 09

President Muhammadu Buhari will go down in history as one of the worst managed presidents Nigeria ever had when it is evaluated on the basis of effective and strategic communication. The problem is not a shortage of personnel to carry out the necessary tasks of reaching the Nigeria public. No, the problem is he is managed by an incompetent team that thinks its highest duty is to write tepid press releases. His media team generally lacks initiative, and in a desperate bid to outshine one other, they embarrassingly contradict themselves when they (eventually)...

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