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Buhari: Beyond “Resume or Resign”

Aug 10

President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has embarked on a campaign for another presidential term that will begin in 2018. Mugabe is 93 years old and by the time the new term he will most likely win rolls to an end, he will be 100. Mugabe is not only old and frail, he has long expired. Senescence has longed robbed him of any pretense to vigor and agility. He stumbles and falls in public, and dozes off at important meetings. Lately, Mugabe was photographed snoozing at his campaign rally while his ambitious wife marketed him to the audience. That image of him was...

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Nigeria: Of known and strange things

Aug 03

Just how popular is President Muhammdau Buhari and how has the public perception of him changed in the past two years? The answer depends on who you ask, which political group such a respondent aligns, and what other sides of the divide the person belongs. In Nigeria, we tend to gauge our leader’s popularity on the (often) hired crowds that troop their rallies and their electoral results. In the age of the New Media, another means of assessing the direction of public sentiments is to analyze the responses of commentators to news articles and editorials. Without...

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To be Nigerian and human

Jul 27

Over the weekend, photographs of the flood that hit Lagos surfaced online, and most of us could not help but gasp at the unsightly images of filth in our environment that nature had forcefully unearthed and thrust in our faces. The debris floating on the flood waters contained an alarming amount of non-bio degradable materials, enough to trigger palpitations in an environmentalist. What have we done that such level of pollutants subsists in our surroundings? How was it possible that people lived in that environment and let such level of filth overwhelm them? How...

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Some questions for Lai Muhammed on his proposed ban

Jul 20

When Minister of Information, Lai Muhammed recently announced that the FG would stop the producers of Nigerian films, reality shows, and music from recording their works abroad, there were several questions that one expected him to answer to expatiate why the move was necessary. Indeed, he argued that cultural productions meant for local consumption ought to be locally produced, and the government would be supporting those who make videos locally to boost capacity. Other than that, he did not address what necessitated the move. Such a decision in the age of...

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Mrs. Buhari: Political speech in the age of social media.

Jul 13

In my imagination, first lady Aisha Buhari is ruing her lack of self-restraint for responding to Senator Shehu Sani’s post on Facebook. Earlier in the week, Sani had written a comment that made Nigeria out as an animal farm where animals prey on each other. Mrs. Buhari fired back, using the same indecorous metaphors Sani had employed and she ended up attracting some controversy to herself. While her retort attempted to raise some hope about her husband’s return and promise that some order would soon be restored to the nation, the truth is that Buhari’s...

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Sharia and its fake apostles

Jul 06

Senator Bukar Ibrahim of Yobe East was recently caught in a sex scandal, and his best response was to flippantly dismiss the incident by acting genuinely surprised that anyone could take him up on his private morals. If a Senator of the so-called Federal Republic of Nigeria does not understand what his sex romp with two girls has to do with public interest, then what does he understand? A whole Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria goes to a seedy “short time” hotel with two women to have illicit sex. One of the women brought out her smartphone, claiming...

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Neither Islamic nor Christian Studies

Jun 22

Past Wednesday, the CAN delegation that visited Aso Rock appealed to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to have the school curriculum revisited. CAN president, Samson Ayokunle, read a speech at Aso Rock and alleged that while Christian and Islamic Religious Studies have previously been subsumed under a new subject, Religion and National Values, the latter was being surreptitiously re-introduced into the curriculum. CAN also complained that the current curriculum offered the option of Arabic/Islamic Studies as a foreign language subject along with French studies except...

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Nigerian youths and the resentment next time

Jun 15

Nigeria is never short of sensations, but most of us will agree that the past ten days have been excitable ones. First, there was the coalition of “northern youths” and their “Arewa House Declaration,” demanding that Igbos should vacate their region on or before October 1 of this year. No matter how the “Kaduna Declaration” is framed as a counter-punch to the divorce rhetoric peddled by some separatists from southeastern Nigeria, there are enough lessons of history to make one uneasy about such a call. From Germany to Yugoslavia, and to...

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Al-Mustapha and the ghost of Sani Abacha

Jun 08

Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, the Chief Security Officer to the late dictator, General Sani Abacha, lately found his tongue and began wielding it freely. Much too freely, in fact. Considering this past week has two dates that are significant in the annals of Nigerian history, one would expect Al-Mustapha to do the needful – shut his mouth and slink into the earth like vermin but no, the man has seized the spotlight to make himself out to be the unacclaimed hero of a tragic narrative. The first date, June 4, made 21 years since Alhaja Kudirat Abiola was assassinated....

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Police should be our friend

Jun 01

One version of the historical narrative on the Egba Women’s Revolt of the 1940s -led by Mrs. Olufunmilayo Kuti- had it that as the women marched through the streets of Abeokuta, they were confronted by the colonial Nigerian police. The policemen, who sometimes acted as puppets of the British colonialists, attempted to stop the women. The women, nuanced in the mores of the time retaliated and stopped the police action by threatening to use their menstrual pads to curse them. The policemen, history records, ran away out of fear of incurring bad luck on themselves...

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