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How many will vote in 2019?

May 17

The 2015 election, particularly at the presidential level was one of the most hotly contested in Nigeria’s recent history. It was a momentous one that climaxed with the defeat of the incumbent, something almost novel in this part of the world. Despite the divisions, and the ethnic cum religious tensions that election generated after it was concluded, and the final tally computed, it turned out that less 17 percent of the Nigerian population had turned out for the election. In a country with a supposed population of 180 million people, how come less than 30...

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Buhari must not die on us

May 10

President Muhammadu Buhari is once again on medical tourism to the UK. According to media reports, the number of days Buhari has been absent from his duty post for medical reasons has now surpassed the record of late president Umaru Yar’Adua. Buhari has been in office for three years, but he has been on medical tourism for up to six months. From the time he stepped out in June 2016 to ostensibly treat an ear infection in London, Buhari has gradually abandoned pretenses that he is a healthy man who is only dealing with minor human frailties. Now we know the man...

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Buhari should have told Trump about the Shiites

May 03

Shortly before President Muhammadu Buhari met the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, a section of the US media pushed out articles urging the latter to take up the killings of Christians in Nigeria by ‘Fulani herdsmen’ with his Nigerian counterpart. The media campaign must have caught on because when Trump met Buhari, he echoed the din about Christians being killed and why America cannot but intervene. Trump’s comment was virtue signaling. He has considerable supporters in Nigeria; a substantial number of them are Christians. In the US...

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Dear Buhari, what if I am lazy and entitled?

Apr 26

Dear Buhari, what if I am lazy and entitled? Since President Muhammadu Buhari made a statement at a Commonwealth event in London about 60 percent of Nigerian youth being lazy and entitled people, Nigerians have spilled gallons of ink trying to either prove he is right or wrong. On one side of the aisle are Buhari’s megaphones who tried to turn the statement on its head. It was laughable reading Buhari’s media aide, Femi Adesina, spin the gaffe by distinguishing between “a lot of” and “all.” If he were not disingenuous, he should have remembered his...

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The Banality of Politicised Awards

Apr 19

There might be another reason, aside from corruption, why no Nigerian leader has won the Mo Ibrahim Prize: they have won so many other awards that the Prize might be superfluous. This year alone, the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has earned two different awards designating her as the Personality of the year. One came from the Silverbird media group and the other from Vanguard Newspaper. Last year, she was also given a “Most Supportive First Lady” award by The Sun newspaper. Mrs. Buhari has come a long way from the neophyte phase where she wrote books on beauty...

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How will Buhari finance his re-election?

Apr 12

The lukewarm reception of Mohammadu Buhari’s announcement of his desire to contest next year’s presidential election posits that 2019 will not be a joyous repeat of the sweep of 2015. Buhari’s re-election is a jaded quest; three years after being elected on a populist anti-corruption campaign, the mythology of Buhari as the great anti-corruption avenger corruption is bust. Over the course of four presidential runs, a vacuous pose was mistaken for principled substance. Aso Rock, regularly occupied by an unbroken turn of pseuds, chewed up Buhari and spat him...

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APC and PDP’s goalless draw

Apr 05

Following the back and forth between the APC and PDP over the latter’s apology to all Nigerians over their misgovernance while in power, the Buhari government, in one-upmanship crassness, released a list of “looters” who are alleged to have stolen the country blind. APC and PDP end-game: as 2019 is around the corner, Nigeria’s dominant parties are playing a scatological game and using Nigerians as their dump. PDP “apologized” to get back into the good favours of Nigerians who yanked them out into political wilderness in 2015, not because they were...

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Bill Gates said nothing strange

Mar 29

After reading the speech Bill Gates delivered in Abuja that supposedly rattled off our leaders, I fail to see what he said that should be deemed controversial. Just to be sure, I read it twice and what I saw is a respectful engagement with Nigerian leaders. Gates came with facts and figures, and he demonstrated competence with his subject matter in a way that suggests that he is not a mere distant observer reading a lackluster speech prepared by a detached aide. He appeared genuinely concerned about progress of Nigeria, and he magnanimously offered us his...

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Osinbajo confirms Buhari’s impotence

Mar 22

If Vice President Yemi Osinbajo expected a public outrage at his latest revelation that the whopping sum of N100 billion and $289 million was embezzled by the Goodluck Jonathan administration weeks to the 2015 elections, he must be disappointed by now. Up till now, nobody is exactly asking for Jonathan’s head on a spike. Osinbajo has confirmed people’s suspicion: that Buhari, the man who was elected to tear down the temple of corruption in Nigeria is not as potent a force as he was marketed. Nigerians that thought they were getting two raging bulls must be...

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What do we do with Shehu Sani’s revelation?

Mar 15

Senator Shehu’s exposé of the jumbo remunerations Nigerian senators awards themselves is supposed to be a big thing but, honestly, it is nothing new. We have been through this before. In 2009, the defunct NEXT newspaper reported that lawmakers were not only being overpaid, they were also – and to use the mildest of language – thieves as well. In the same year, Prof. Olusola Adeyeye, (now a Senator but then a House of Representatives’ member) also gave a ground-shattering interview where he revealed that not only were lawmakers given an official license...

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